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No restrictions - $997 Value!

We’re removing ALL limitations - create unlimited videos, connect unlimited accounts PLUS send unlimited messages, backlinks and posts!


Commercial & Developer’s License - $997 Value!

That’s right – you can now create & sell videos to clients, provide traffic services, sell SEO rankings and Instagram followers and charge a hefty fee in the process, while TrafficCrush automates everything for you!


Facebook & Google Integration - $997 Value!

Tap into 2 new traffic streams with Facebook and google seamless pixel integration so you can dominate ALL traffic streams with ease!


DFY Image Editor - $997 Value!

That’s right – you can now sell TrafficCrush services, charging them a hefty fee for it!


Link Builder & Cloaking Software - $397 Value!

Automatically create the perfect Instagram bio in such an irresistible way, you’ll make visitors and followers CLICK your link again and again. Plus, our state-of-the-art link cloaking software hides any affiliate link in a brand new, smart way!


Advanced Analytics - $297 Value!

See what works well and scale and track what you can improve. Plus priority concierge support is there to give you the best tips on how to maximize results!

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Unlock "Unlimited Everything" For PRO Marketers - $997 Value

The first feature that TrafficCrush PRO brings is that you're no longer limited in your marketing.

You see - the regular version has some limitations but in TrafficCrush PRO, those are all GONE:

  • Create & Publish Unlimited Videos
  • Connect & Build Unlimited Social Media Accounts
  • Find & Publish Unlimited Images & Posts
  • Send unlimited broadcasts on Instagram & Twitter
  • Create unlimited SEO backlinks & optimizations
  • Build Unlimited Followers & Subscribers

Commercial & Developer’s License - $997 Value


Local businesses, online marketers… heck even your friends and family… they all need high quality video, traffic, SEO & social media services like video creation, backlink generation, Instagram followers, traffic to their channels or profiles, etc. (you get it!)

Yet, no one wants to pay expensive monthly fees to big corporations.

That means there’s a huge market for you to sell TrafficCrush services and with the Commercial license, you now can without lifting a finger - businesses are ready to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000 for the same lifetime services that TrafficCrush PRO gives you!

Talk about another revenue stream!

Businesses are ready to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $20,000 for the same lifetime services that TrafficCrush PRO gives you!

You’re getting commercial AND developers license across all the features that TrafficCrush has. This means you’re able to offer a video creation & ranking service, sell Instagram accounts with followers built-in, or provide traffic services to clients and all for a hefty fee, while TrafficCrush automates the work for you.

Imagine – your own SEO, video, traffic and social media services empire that you can automate with one click with TrafficCrush. It’s a fully-fledged business you can be proud of. You’d run into thousands of dollars worth of orders inside your first 3 days!

2 New Platforms: Facebook & Google - $997 Value

Tap into 2 new traffic streams with Facebook and google seamless pixel integration so you can dominate ALL traffic streams with ease!

That’s right: besides the already built-in Youtube, Twitter & Instagram, you can now tap into Facebook & Google traffic completely seamlessly from within TrafficCrush (talk about total traffic domination!)

Talk about 2 additional revenue streams!


DFY Image Editor - $997 Value


Our done-for-you image editor lets you edit, caption and publish images to Instagram all with the push of a button.

Turn boring regular images into traffic & engagement generating machines.

We even give you Done-For-You templates for all platforms to make your life easier. It’s all waiting for you to add to your business or sell to clients. All just one click away!

Link Builder & Cloaking Software - $397 Value

Our state-of-the-art bio-link builder automatically creates your Instagram bio in such an irresistible way, visitors and followers can’t help but CLICK your links again and again.

PLUS you now benefit from our state-of-the-art link cloaking software that hides any affiliate link!


Advanced Analytics - $297 Value


Finally, TrafficCrush PRO brings in-depth analytics so you can see what works well and scale, and track what you can improve.

AND on top of all that – you get priority concierge support and in-depth personal training so you can make the most out of your TrafficCrush PRO account!

Unparalleled Price - Literally Priceless!


Let's Do A Quick Recap Here...

  • Unlock "Unlimited Everything" For PRO Marketer’s - $997 Value!
  • Commercial & Developer’s Licenses - $997 Value!
  • 2 New Platforms: Facebook & Google - $997 Value
  • DFY Image Editor - $997 Value!
  • Link Builder & Cloaking Software - $397 Value!
  • Advanced Analytics - $297 Value!

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